Orphan Care

2,500,000 orphans struggle to survive in Uganda
          20% of children aged 6-17 are orphans
                    Half of these lost parents to HIV/AIDS
          No other nation has a higher percent orphaned by AIDS

                    The LRA left many others parentless
          Who will care for them?

black & white photo of child's faceThere is no doubt of God's deep compassion for orphans. There also is no doubt that Uganda has many, many orphans. They need help and God has called us to care for them.  

What are we doing to help?

Orphan Homes
Orphan care will be provided for up to 300 children at a time through the construction of 35 homes, photo of Intern holding boyeach housing 8-10 orphans. Currently, nine homes are filled with children. Ugandans are employed to serve as House Parents in a family environment for each home. Widows fulfill this role in 90% of the currently occupied homes, allowing Restoration Gateway (RG) to provide for widows as well. All material and health needs are provided for the children.

Restoration Gateway's primary school, called "Oaks of Righteousness," houses twelve classrooms for the orphans. The children also have a gymnasium/multipurpose building, playground and soccer field. For more information about the school, click here.

How you can helpgraphic of Psalm 82:3

SPONSOR an orphan. You can provide a home, education, clothes, food, medical care and more for one orphan for only $75 per month. By sponsoring an orphan you can ensure that they receive the help they need. Please visit our sponsorship page to learn more. 

photo of child in washtubDONATE toward the construction of an Orphan Home. Each home costs only $25,000 to build. Perhaps you, your church, or your organization/business would like to donate some or all of the money needed to build an orphan home. Your group is welcome to donate the money to build a home, then go to RG to help with the construction of it. Information about how to donate can be found on our giving page.