Health Care

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1 in 7 children in Uganda die by age five.  Together, we can change that.

The sobering statistic above reveals a tremendous need for health care in Uganda.  Both medical and dental services are inaccessible to the majority of Ugandans, especially in rural areas because ¾ of doctors and dentists are concentrated in urban environments.  Restoration Gateway will provide much-needed medical and dental care to rural northern Ugandans and offer both primary care and training for Ugandan physicians, nurses and dentists. 

thumbnail of hospital overviewHospital
Northern Ugandans need greater access to quality, well-equipped, medical facilities. Restoration Gateway will provide such a facility. 
Phase 1 will be an outpatient clinic, which will be expanded into a full hospital. Visit our Medical page to learn more.  

Dental Center
thumbnail of dental center front viewDental decay is rampant in children and adults, causing tremendous pain and poor quality of life.  With few dental professionals available, when pain becomes unbearable, Ugandans ask a fellow villager to extract the abscessed tooth.  Lack of knowledge and tools results in many broken teeth.  For more information, please visit our Dental page.

Mobile Healthcare Unit
RG has a mobile healthcare unit for visiting doctors and dentists to provide clinics in villages too remote to seek help at the hospital or dental center.  Some have provided clinics during the day, then shown the Jesus film at night, using a generator for power.